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We developed the Project Company to address the challenges faced within the South African mining sector. Our extensive expertise and experience with projects in the mining industry will assist you in leveraging our unique environment to enhance value within your project and organisation.

We thrive on creating smart engineering solutions for mining and infrastructure projects that enable efficiency and capacity gains. To facilitate this, our culture honours agility, innovation and a holistic approach.

Allow us to unlock your project’s potential with custom-fit insight. Merging best practice engineering with our commitment to transformation, our team will allow you to move your project beyond compliance into performance and esteem.

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We believe that any project can be optimised to
deliver more value and return on investment. With
the right team and clear direction, projects should be
steered through their complexities, into success.

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We view complexity as an
invitation for a more
innovative approach.

We thrive on designing fit-for-purpose solutions.
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The Project Company commits to
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Transformation as a level
4 compliant business

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Support every project with
a network of experts

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Align all solutions to
global best practice

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Qualified and
assured designs​

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Stronger Together

The Project Company are proud to be associated with Fraser McGill, who provide independent advisory services to organisations in the mining and minerals sector. Co-located in offices at Montecasino in Johannesburg, we have full access to their wealth of knowledge and experts. Our team is confident that we can execute your project to its greatest capacity.

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